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11 April 2012 @ 07:02 pm
Leverageland Bingo Post  

Parker liked watching people sleep. To her, the notion wasn't creepy at all - she simply enjoyed watching the steady rise and fall of the sleeper's chest and wondering where their dreams were carrying them at the moment, especially when she herself was having another sleepless night. It was no problem for her to sneak into rooms; she was aware of the fact that it was technically wrong to do it, but since she didn't even steal anything (most of the time) it didn't seem like an actual crime to her at all.

Besides. She prefered to watch people she knew and thought (or rather hoped) they wouldn't mind if they found her one night, perched on their windowsill. Well, not too much anyway. So far no one had caught her, though. Admittedly, Sophie knew about the habit because that one time Parker had let something incriminating slip during a conversation with her, but the Grifter hadn't been too shocked (or maybe she just hid it well?). In any case, Parker had decided to be extra careful around Sophie after that incident, even though she had always liked Sophie's bedroom. The windowsill was so wide, Sophie had actually placed cushions on it and Parker knew the Grifter enjoyed sitting there just as much as she did, looking out over the city. The view was gorgeous as well, Parker noted, although during her nightly visits she preferred to set her sights elsewhere.

For now, she would just have to content herself with the bedrooms of other people.

Ficlet | 256 words

4 Icons | Leverage 4x12 - The Office Job / Leverage 4x08 - The Boiler Room Job


2 GIFs | Leverage 4x13 - The Girl's Night Out Job

Doctor Who was Sophie's guilty pleasure. She had grown up with the Classic Doctors but fell in love all over again when the new series started. She had loved Christopher Eccleston's Nine and had her heart broken when he regenerated, but just like everybody else, her adoration of Ten and David Tennant with him soon got the better of her. It took her longer to warm up to Matt Smith and his goofy regeneration number Eleven - probably because he seemed so young and she felt herself getting old, but eventually, even Sophie had to admit he played the old timelord in the young body brilliantly.

There was nothing she liked better after a day of working on a con, working her various aliases and personas, than cuddle up on her sofa and watch some Doctor Who. It reminded her of who she really was, being, well, nearly the only constant she had kept through her tumultuous Grifter life. The BBC show grounded her and calmed her down when her thoughts were racing late at night.

She was well aware of the fact that Hardison was an adamant fanboy of the show, but Sophie had kept her secret despite the fact that every time the young hacker came up with Doctor Who related aliases she had to bite the inside of her cheek in order to keep herself from grinning at the reference. Sometimes she wondered if he had been suspecting her partiality for his favorite show all this time, but was playing along with her as a favor, out of respect because at times it seemed to her he liked to watch her while announcing just those aliases. Sophie was good at hiding her emotions, but she was well aware that Hardison was even better at hacking computers.

One day she'd let him have the satisfaction of admitting to being a fan of the show herself, but for now she would go on pretending to keep her secret safe - as safe as a secret could be, considering the company she kept.

Ficlet | 343 words

They all knew the Grim Reaper would get them eventually. Eliot, Parker, Sophie, Nate and even Hardison, who usually preferred the safe company of his computer, had all stared in the face of death many times, but so far, the odds had always been in their favor. They knew how lucky they were, all of them, having to face exploding vases, gun shots, extreme heights and other deathly devices in almost a daily routine. It was part of their job and they all knew they were secretly addicted to that rush of adrenaline they got when confronted with danger.

Once the excitement passed each time, a sigh of relief would pass their lips: they were alive.

Ficlet | 116 words


2 GIFs | Leverage 4x15 - The Lonely Hearts Job

Sophie's personas were never clumsy if they didn't intend it especially to look endearing to a mark. Not even the Sophie Devereaux she had invented could name that character trait her own, but sometimes her real self shone through the facade. The self she had almost forgotten after years - decades even - of always playing someone else. When she was on her own, the occasional knife or fork slipped through her fingers, landing dangerously close to her feet; sometimes she'd swipe a glass off the table with her ellbow; other times an egg fell out of her hands and crashed on the wooden floors, making a terrible mess.

She knew well to avoid these slips when in company, especially while on a con. Somehow her other personas always held themselves more poised and more on guard for such things to happen, unless they were calculated exactly to elicit a certain reaction from someone.

Lately, however, she had realized with a start, she had hit her knee on table corners or dropped the occasional dish when one or more of the others were around. For a while she tried to be extra careful around her team, to cover up these slips, but it was no good. It seemed as if her subconscious was trusting Nate, Eliot, Parker and Hardison more than her reason wanted to allow and eventually the only choice she had was to give in. Sophie wondered if the others would notice, but most of the time they appeared to be rather oblivious (and Sophie was glad for it). Only on rare occasions when a plate did go to pieces on the floor after she had dropped it, she caught Eliot - or Nate - with the ghost of a smile on their lips. While Parker and Hardison continued not to notice Sophie's new clumsiness, its true meaning was silently shared with the other two.

Ficlet | 317 words


Picspam | Leverage 4x01 - The Long Way Down Job

Sports was something Sophie had never understood and she knew well how to avoid it. She had always been drawn to beauty and sports - save for a select few - seemed to her like the exact opposite. The guys, especially Eliot had once, in a discussion, tried to convince her of the beauty in the players' calculated movements (she couldn't for the life of her remember what sport they had been talking about. Was it football? Or American football? Something with a ball anyway, she had never been interested to learn the difference), but she refused to see anything remotely graceful or enchanting in sweat drenched men running across fields of grass and dirt.

Fighting 'sports' were the worst, though, and for some reason she had let herself be convinced to stay at Nate's place for a boxing match. Eliot and Hardison had come bearing beer and chips and even Parker had appeared a little while later (always sensing it somehow when the team came together like this); so now she was squeezed between two of the men, wishing she could just disappear into the sofa and doing her best to avoid random flailing limbs. As the match passed, Sophie could only wince with each bash and blow to either of the fighters' heads or bodies, the question Why?! ever present on her mind.

As she watched Eliot get wound up about the fighters' lack of precision, she supposed that out of all of them he had the most reason to be interested in the fight. After all, he was their protector and maybe watching other people fight helped him with his own strategies in some way. She was grateful for his muscle power - as a team they rather often found themselves in need of it, even though she had always known how to stay out of violence's way (except, of course, the few times she used a gun, she added as an afterthought, glancing inconspicuously at Nate) and still preferred to avoid it if possible. She did, however, accept Eliot's fascination with the match. The others' she understood less. Why on earth did Nate get so excited about two sweaty, bleeding brutes of men hitting each other senseless (and should she be worried)? Parker's eyes, too, were intensely fixed on the screen and she let out occasional startling screams of encouragement. Sophie had often witnessed a certain streak of brutality in her younger colleague, but in those occasions it had always been about Parker's power over others who probably possessed a lot more strength than her (hence her partiality for electro shocks); even Hardison who did all his fighting via online avatars of elfs and whatnot was getting extremely involved in the match.

Letting her eyes wander over each of her friends, the only thing left for Sophie to do seemed to be closing her eyes and wishing that everything would be over soon while thinking of all the reasons why she wouldn't be able to attend the next sports event broadcast on television.

Ficlet | 507 words

theron09theron09 on April 29th, 2012 08:06 pm (UTC)
You've done some awesome fills here - I *love* your take on clumsy (as someone who is very clumsy myself, it made me grin) and the snow picspam is awesome and the sneeze gif is wonderful and basically you are wonderful <3
my name spells emergency: Leverage [Nate/Sophie]midnighthour on April 29th, 2012 08:10 pm (UTC)
asjdfhdsafkl thank you Megan ♥ I quite like the idea for clumsy too to be honest :3
theron09theron09 on April 29th, 2012 08:14 pm (UTC)
You're very welcome - I also really like your Grim Reaper interpretation, it's an interesting take on the prompt. Basically, I like it all!
my name spells emergencymidnighthour on April 29th, 2012 08:21 pm (UTC)
*blushes* you're too sweet! Thank you ♥

That was the last thing I wrote, it basically just happened that way? I couldn't really decide what character to focus on, but I actually rather enjoy the way it turned out :)
jesco0307: Parker does not approvejesco0307 on April 29th, 2012 08:23 pm (UTC)
You're seriously keeping this from people? I love all of them, and considering they're mostly Sophie-focused and I'm not really the biggest Sophie fan, this means a lot! You're an incredible writer and I love all the ideas you had for the drabbles. I especially love your takes on clumsy and doctor (even though I have no clue of Doctor Who, but I seem to not care about that) and the bash one made me giggle a lot. Because seriously, boxing? I have no clue why people watch that.

I love how you placed the sneeze gifs next too each other!!!

But my favorite one? The picspam for snow! I absolutely love it. No idea how to do something like that, but I bow my head to your talent!!
my name spells emergencymidnighthour on April 29th, 2012 08:32 pm (UTC)
I'm not keeping it from anybody, it's right here in a public entry :P llmcrorys is overrun with these posts right now, so people wouldn't notice/care anyway. The ones who are interested can always ask? Like I said, crossposting only lifts the expectations of comments and I've just decided that I don't want that this time. Yours and Megan's are already more than I expected and quite enough, lovely as they are ♥ Thank you!

I tried not to make it too focused on Sophie, but I guess that didn't really work out lol I'm glad you enjoyed the ficlets anyway, though!
Haha the boxing one was actually inspired by recent events~. My three male flat mates seem to enjoy it a lot and so there have been a couple of times lately when they stayed in the living room outside my door forever because of some stupid boxing match. I thought it wasn't that far fetched an idea that Sophie would share my feelings about it ^^

Ehh the picspam - it's not that hard. In Photoshop you can put a 'Black & White' layer over your graphic and sort of erase spots, so I just looked for the blue and removed the B&W over it. You could do it too!
jesco0307: Eliot bamf bwjesco0307 on April 29th, 2012 08:57 pm (UTC)
I guess you're right...there aren't many comments on the posts at llmcrorys. I should know, I think I've been through all of them today, lol. It was silent there for a while, but now they're suddenly popping up.

Nope, I totally share yours and Sophie's feelings about that. I simply can't understand the fascination with boxing. And three male flat mates? That must be horrible at times...

Now the PS thing doesn't sound to hard...I should try that on the awful red pictures I've taken last week...
my name spells emergencymidnighthour on April 29th, 2012 09:02 pm (UTC)
I guess they're mostly crossposted, so it makes sense that the comments go to the original posts, if at all. But yeah, there's a whole lot of them (and you're being such a great sport for going through all of them!)

Eh they're actually quite ok. And tidier than the two girls I've lived with before... it's only the sports events that last so long or movie nights~ right outside my door that are rather annoying :/

If you go to the 'Layers' thingy on the sidebar, there's a little round black and white icon, there you can open all the usual Adjustments as layers. It's quite practical cause you can manipulate the layers. I think instead of erasing you'll have to use a black (or grey, depending on how much of it you want gone) brush on the adjustment layer itself!