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broken_ground's Journal

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Broken Ground
This is my [midnighthour] writing journal.

I'm going to post my stories here - old and new, fan fiction and stories without fandoms.
Everything I post here is my own, so please don't use what I've written and claim it as yours. What I write is born in my mind and if you use it as yours it isn't only fraud, it's plain sad. Use your own imagination and you'll see that everybody can make up a story and write it down.

Comments are always welcome, of course, and please be honest with me if you review my stories. I accept criticism, as long as it's constructive and without insults.
If you can't stand my stories, then don't read them.
If you think you can give me tips how to become a better writer - you're welcome to do so ;)

Although I will be the only one to post in this community, feel free to join or friend it to keep up to date with my stories :)

midnighthour [my personal journal]
lastinglight [my photography journal]
potencias [soulnoire's writing journal]
words_unending [my LJ bookclub]
caughtmoments [if you search long enough, you can find graphics I made there]
& my profile at fanfiction.net
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