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07 August 2012 @ 04:49 pm
Leverageland: Having an Episode  
Episode Reviews:

Episode 3x11 - The Rashomon Job

In the episode "The Rashomon Job", the Leverage team discovers that their paths have all crossed in the same place at the same time before. Five years ago, at the Boston Museum of Art and Antiquities, it wasn't just Sophie who attempted to steal the invaluable dagger of Aqu'abi, but Hardison, Eliot and Parker all took their "stabs" at it, too.

What follows is an episode filled to the brim with hilarity, as the story of how they stole the dagger is told, Rashômon-style, through the eyes of each character. Sophie, whose turn it is first, appears to have a rather bad memory for faces: the Doctor she flirted with, the waitress she passed and the dark skinned government official have all, as it turns out during the course of the episode, been played by well known members of her team. With each version of the story, we learn more about what happened that night at the museum; we are also allowed to take a peek inside each team-member's perception of the others and especially the Grifter of the group suffers from these re-tellings, as her British accent is gradually satirized to the point of mindless blabber.

But, after Sophie, Eliot, Hardison and Parker have all reveiled their part in the disappearance of the dagger from the museum, one question remains: which one of them actually stole it?

A lighthearted and fun, though rather unusual episode of Leverage, this one provides the viewer with an extraordinary amount of fun. [ca. 250 words]

Favorite Quote: "Oh, cor blimey, gov’ner! Tha’ there’s loaded with sea roaches! Tha’s Bri’ish fo’ shrimp. We’ve a different word for a lo’ of things. It’s a bit stupid, innit?"

Rating: ★★★★★

Episode 3x12 - The King George Job

In "The King George Job" the Leverage team flies across the pond in order to stop their bad guy, who happens to be connected to Damien Moreau, of the week from transporting antiquities in the backpacks of little children.

While trying to catch Keller at the airport, the team stumbles upon a young girl who gets held up at customs for illegally smuggling an artefact into the country. Seeing an innocent child get jilted like that touches Sophie deeply and so they follow Keller to London.

As they figure out the mark's heart's desire, given away by his obsession with all things Royal, "Is Sophie a princess?" turns out to be the leading question on everyone's mind. The alias she uses to get her hooks into Keller turns out to be surprisingly solid, as Charlotte Prentiss, the 18th Duchess of Hanover, is greeted warmly by an apparently blue-blooded "Aunty". While we acquire new bits of information about the Grifter's enigmatic past, the hardest part of the job is left up to Hardison, who has to forge a royal diary in order to persuade Keller that with it he has the means to claim a lost barony - and with it the title he so badly wants.

Although Keller tries to go behind Sophie's (or rather the Duchess') back to get his title, he ends up getting detained for the same reason the young girl is held up in the States and the team is one step closer to finding Moreau.

This episode is mixing personal history with business in classic Leverage style, that not only fans of Sophie Devereaux will appreciate. [ca. 270 words]

Favorite Quote: "Is Sophie a princess?"

Rating: ★★★

Episode 4x05 - The Hot Potato Job

"The Hot Potato Job" provides the Leverage team with a rather unusual job: they have to steal a potato, which especially confuses Parker. It's not just any potato, of course, but a super tuber - the graduation project of a young woman who wants to help make the world a better place. The potato has been genetically modified in order to provide an unusually high amount of nutrients and of course the company controlling a big chunk of the food industry wants it.

Before the five start working on getting back the super tuber, Nate and Sophie end up in bed together, San Lorenzo style. This, of course, leads to a lot of awkwardness when the rest of the team bursts in unannounced, but makes it an even more poignant scene when Sophie defies Nate's orders and saves their plan on her own - knocking down Hardison on the way. Posing as a security official, she takes on Eliot as a persona and with it manages to convince the company that there is a traitor amidst their own. While Sophie, and Eliot posing as her accountant, work on the embezzling story - which surprisingly turns out to be true - Parker and Nate make their way into the company's headquarters as teachers, leading a class of inquisitive children through the building.

Eventually, the potato gets liberated from a burn room by an, as usual, more reckless than brave Parker, and smuggled out of the building with the help of one of the school kids. In an almost déjà-vu like scene, the episode ends with Sophie proposing "dinner" to Nate once more - a moment that rejoices the shipper hearts and functions as the starting point of a new chapter of their relationship. Exerted with relative subtlety, these scenes are far from overpowering the episode's plot, which, thanks to Parker's attempts to decipher what the code "potato" stands for, remains one of the more amusing ones of the show. [ca. 330 words]

Favorite Quote: "That's my girl, man!"

Rating: ★★★